Exploring The Spark at #SolentCC’s Opening

Getting the chance to attend a formal event at your university isn’t something that comes around often, so when the lovely Chloe invited me to come along with her to the official opening of Solent’s Conference Centre in The Spark, I jumped at the chance!

Dressed in a white shirt, blue tie and grey waistcoat (looking slightly like a wedding guest), I headed to meet Chloe who chose a lovely black floral outfit for the evening, and Charlotte. When we arrived at The Spark, we were greeted by the hosts and offered prosecco.


The thing that makes an impression straight away is definitely The Pod – the huge towering sculpture that doubles as a lecture theatre. It’s absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to have lectures in the building. After meeting some of Chloe’s blogging friends we were then moved from the front of the building to the back where tables had been placed with food waiting for us.


To begin with, there were different sorts of foods including fresh bread, small quiches and quite a a bit of wine! We were sat on the Poppy table (fitting in with the floral/summer theme of the evening) along with Daniel, Steve, Marc, Jason and a Gordon Ramsey lookalike – who was absolutely spot on!

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After greeting everyone and enjoying some of the food already at the table, we were given our main course which was a lovely chicken dish. Following the chicken we were given our dessert which was a raspberry moose.

We didn’t know until after our food that there was a free bar just behind us! The three of us made sure to take full advantage of that opportunity picking up wine, cider and personally a Bailey’s.

Once the meal had ended, we were given the opportunity to explore The Spark with different stalls and events on each floor. We made our way up to the second floor where we found a pick and mix stall from Ideas Box! Edd, the server for the evening, gave us all a bag and told us to help ourselves to as much as we wanted, as well as discussing the evening and his job.


We also discovered a room on the same floor that was decorated in a circus theme complete with a large lion and zebra! This was a preview of the Christmas party that would be hosted at the conference centre.


Moving up to the third floor brought us to The Pod and the lecture theatre that had a photobooth inside. We took a little look around before moving to the cake tasting.


Going up to the fourth and final level of events, we found the Bubble Tea and Coffee delivered by the fantastic staff at The Artisan! We were served by Bridget and Jess who were both lovely and I have to say the Bubble Tea was absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to have more.


Finally, we made our way right down to the bottom of the building where there was a secret bar which could only be access with a secret word – hootch! Once inside, it was decorated in a sort of Victorian theme with dark areas, spotlights and brick work. I really loved this room!


I want to say a massive thank you to Solent for hosting this event, I’m proud to be a student as such an incredible and creative university. Also a big thank you to everyone who took part in the event to make it as successful as it was, and of course to Chloe for inviting me along.



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